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Front fender very close to frame

  • 07 Feb 2020 5:20 AM
    Message # 8732152

    Hello, I mounted original fender to original front forks and the fender is about 3/16" away from frame down tubes.The fender mounted nicely to front forks.I don't see any bad obvious bend in forks from an accident.Handle bars mounted good.Frame down tubes are straight.I see in 101 manual that fork offset should be 4 13/16". I measured this fork offset to be approx 4". Were there different forks made for early scouts,chiefs that are different from 101? Or is this front fork that far off?I looked at some pictures of other bikes at the fender to frame gap and some are larger than others but none as close as mine. Anybody experience different front end offsets?  thanks again

  • 29 Feb 2020 10:48 PM
    Reply # 8784613 on 8732152

    FYI--I was able to take my front end to a frame shop here locally.He jigged & anchored it up on his pro table and was able to get back just over 1/2" more.So my front fender to frame clearance is acceptable for me. The measurement in the book is 4 13/16" from the front end that was used as reference. My measurement is now 4 11/16". I have been looking at clearances between front fender and frame  since my issue & have noticed a varied amount that are not the same.[Could be front ends or fenders having accidental adjustments over the past decades.] Since that last 1/8" felt like it might be straining the front end more than I wanted to go, so I'll ride it as is and feel how it handles. Front wheel & handlebars install easily,rockers/bell cranks are parallel.  later

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