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Newly Acquired 1928 101 Custom, Bosch ZEV Parts Question

  • 14 Nov 2019 10:40 AM
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    Morning to all from a new member, I’ve recently acquired a 1928 101 frame that’s been built as a racer style, with a 1937 Scout 45” engine, and some serious mix and match in parts. The magneto is an early Bosch ZEV, and is my first order of concern, as the advance is pinned and disconnected. I’ll have to look into it deeper to make sure internally the advance is functional, but my first order of business is to find an ZEV advance arm as mine has been broken and soldered, pictured below. 

    I see Morris makes a repro of this mag, and have a feeler out to them if they’ll sell just an advance arm. The price would doubtless be very dear. Considering converting to the Morris standard / Post-ZEV Indian magneto to gain the automatic advance however I’m not sure what else I’d require to install it on the present setup. Advice appreciated there. 

    Appreciate any advice or thoughts, all the best,


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  • 15 Nov 2019 2:20 AM
    Reply # 8108775 on 8107568

    Hi, I bought some ZEV parts including an advance cam ring from Ebayer "frappi".

    I just looked and there's plenty of ZEV parts on there from this seller.

    Hope that helps.


  • 15 Nov 2019 2:14 PM
    Reply # 8112383 on 8107568

    Thanks Mick appreciate it, found one on there new manufacture. Will update how things go. 

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