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lifter covers

  • 24 Dec 2018 10:24 PM
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    On the 45c.i. it has vertically split lifter covers with a spring clip to hold them together and a screw to secure the outer to the guide. How are they gasketed?  An inquiry from the 101’s facebook site.

  • 25 Dec 2018 4:48 AM
    Reply # 6971882 on 6971680
    Tim Raindle (Administrator)

    Happy xmas all.

    Yeah, ask him what 45 he is talking about ? 

  • 26 Dec 2018 4:05 AM
    Reply # 6972332 on 6971680

    Split covers were used mid 30's  and leaked   ,no seal that I know of

  • 26 Dec 2018 5:16 AM
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    Tim Raindle (Administrator)

    1937 clam shells were the only vertically split covers Indian used, all across the range. May have been 36 as well ? Maybe the owner has sport scout or standard scout cylinders fitted from this era?

     The later chief covers are available with a small O ring at the bottom.

    The amount of oil leaking from any of the covers can best be described as a light weep if the bike is oiling correctly, and is barely noticeable. If the breather set up is working, and the rings are good,, this weep is negligible. If there is an issue with the breathing, excess crankcase pressure will force oil up the tappet guide blocks, past the pushrods, and there will be an excess accumulation inside the covers, which will leak copiously. 

     I will reference John Bivens, of Indian Engineering here, and use his advice. A well set up standard factory Indian vent system works absolutely fine if everything else is set up right, so there is no need to attempt to improve on it on a stock bike. The only caveat I would add to this is that this applies to the post 1929 system. The early 101 and CG/CGP short frame motors with the breather on the left side of the engine have a tendency to continuously vent oil, hence the factory update referenced in the May (?) 1929 Service Shot. After this date, the factory moved the breather to the timing cover adjacent to the magneto, and the Service Shot gives details on how to retro fit this system to earlier bikes. 

  • 27 Dec 2018 3:52 AM
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    first of all , this does annoy me a little , I always click on the ''remember me'' when I sign in but it rarely does , wish this could be fixed (hint hint)

    Anyway , my '28 101 has the mid '30's cylinders and heads with clam shell covers , also breather on the timing chest and suffers leaks here an there but hardly any from these covers so as Tim says if they are leaking then your oiler may be over oiling or the tappets really worn or breather problems . Hope you manage to fix it ok without too much trouble . Happy riding for 2019 , Ken

    Last modified: 27 Dec 2018 4:13 AM | Ken Lee
  • 27 Dec 2018 4:08 AM
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    Tim Raindle (Administrator)

    Not as if you are not memorable , Ken. Know any computer boffins who fancy taking on the job? Ashley has plenty on his plate at the moment and is looking for some support/ a replacement.

  • 27 Dec 2018 4:18 AM
    Reply # 6973288 on 6971680

    morning Tim ,

    wish I did , I keep mucking things up on here !! it's not the end of the world signing in now an then , I'm just getting (probably got long ago) a grumpy old man !! Ashley's doing a good job anyway not really complaining . Have a good one all , Ken

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