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New Sidecar Mudguard

  • 17 Apr 2018 3:12 AM
    Message # 6102293

    I just had a new mudguard made for my sidecar by one of the best craftmen in the UK. Link to photos below.

  • 18 Apr 2018 3:56 AM
    Reply # 6108671 on 6102293
    Tim Raindle (Administrator)

    Really nice work there, Mike. Want to share a link for the guy that did it ?

  • 18 Apr 2018 12:48 PM
    Reply # 6109270 on 6102293

    Here is the link to his web site.

    He is one of the best craftmen in UK for this kind of work. The good point is he is only three miles from my place, so I am often over there seeing how he does things. He let me loose today on his English wheel and then he showed me how it should be done !!

    He works on many types of classic vehicles and one of his tricks is to shape the radiator brass surrounds for SS Jaguars.

    He also does videos on Youtube and he sells a video showing how to make

    items in metal. (a in depth instruction course).


  • 19 Apr 2018 1:14 AM
    Reply # 6110154 on 6102293

    Hey everyone,

    there is a company in Australia that does really nice mudguards for Indians. Here is the link

    have a look.

    Cheers Neil

  • 20 Apr 2018 4:22 AM
    Reply # 6112241 on 6102293
    Tim Raindle (Administrator)

    Several years ago, the 101 Association arranged for the loan of a pair of mint 101 fenders to Adam Higgins, in Gippsland, Australia, in  order to try and reproduce original gauge fenders , rolled as per the factory. Adam spent a long time perfecting the technique, and the tooling to do this, with great results. I have several fenders he made. He then sold his business to the guys at Vintage steel in Western Australia. They are really nice people and excellent craftsmen, and produce fine quality work. I thoroughly recommend their products. The 101 fenders they sell are almost indistinguishable from an original, and far superior to the thinner gauge fenders with a welded return that originate from the Indian sub-continent, and justify the extra cost, in my opinion. 

    WE hope to be developing a separate section on the website for  links to skilled tradesmen who may be of use to the 101 community. However, because of legal implications, I would prefer that anyone refrains from using this site to air their dirty laundry, but I would like to receive any recommendations or complaints about any suppliers personally, via private email. 

  • 20 Apr 2018 7:31 PM
    Reply # 6113123 on 6102293

    As a sidenote, I measured the thickness of my orig Indian Sweetheart fender after a question from Mike Byrne and found it, surprisingly enough, thinner at about 0,9mm than my bike fender that is 1,1-1,2mm!

    Last modified: 20 Apr 2018 7:41 PM | Carl-Erik Renquist
  • 21 Apr 2018 2:26 AM
    Reply # 6113445 on 6102293

    On the same subject, I could do with two dimensions. The diameter of the semi circular plate where the three stay ends are riveted on to  and the distance between the rivets on plate and stays on the same plate.

    From photos I have guessed around 5" diameter and perhaps 1" for the rivets.

    I was going to use 1/4"shank rivets for the stay bottoms ends. Are top ends round head bolts or rivets ?

    Good idea Tim, re. suppliers recommendations. If I had known about the Oz company at the time, I would have used them.


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